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Bass Station II Synth Impro #3 (aug-2019)

Perhaps one of the most “experimental” tracks I have done. Again, a track with the Bass Station II synth, which capabilities never ceases to amaze me.

Blog & News Ideas and Improvisations

Impro – Delay Feedback (apr-2020)

You don’t know how much fun I had playing with this. Feedback and modulation of the delay effect, resulting in a crescendo coupling and pitch variation, producing something like a bad record player.

Blog & News Ideas and Improvisations

Impro Drums (18-may-2020)

An experiment starting from an almost random (“hand-drawn”) pattern of midi notes to the “CASSETTE 606” plugin, a free virtual electronic drum set, processed with tape and delay emulators.


Blog & News

Exosfera – Music to focus, work and calm the mind

Since October of last year, due to the events lived in Chile, I had a hard time working on new music. Anxiety got the better of me. Time was short to work, stay informed and go out and protest. Something that helped me a lot to calm my anxiety was listening to ambient, atmospheric music. However, after a while the problem was finding new music. So I decided to make my own music, to relax and focus.

“Exosfera” (“Exosphere”) is the first and so far only theme in this process. Functionally, it is designed to relax, concentrate, meditate. The name comes after creating the video that accompanies the track, and represents what the music evokes me. The exosphere is the last layer of the atmosphere of a celestial body, where gases are thinner.

[UPDATE: “Exosfera” is now part of my first album “Eclipse“. You can listen to it here.]

Stock video: Engin Akyurt –


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