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Impro – Delay Feedback (apr-2020)

You don’t know how much fun I had playing with this. Feedback and modulation of the delay effect, resulting in a crescendo coupling and pitch variation, producing something like a bad record player.

Blog & News Ideas and Improvisations

Bass Station II Impro #2 (may 2020)

This improvisation is an experiment with the Bass Station 2 synth’s arpeggiator and filter. A 3-note ostinato, over an electronic drum pattern. The ostinato is mutating by the different positions of the filter, distortion, portamento, etc., of the synthesizer.



Blog & News Ideas and Improvisations

Bass Station II Synth Impro – 2/oct/2020

From this week on I will start to publish some synths improvisations that I made, mostly during the quarantine of this year, and some from previous years. I start with this impro on the Bass Station 2 synthesizer that I made at the beginning of this month.

These improvisations are experiments, part exploration of ideas, part exploration of the different instruments and effects and their limits. They do not necessarily have a “theme”, a beginning or an end, although broadly they do express a musical idea, or several, that are mutating at the moment. These experiments are, therefore, a “snapshot” of a moment, without rehearsing or editing.

Blog & News Ideas and Improvisations

Improvisations at Isla Negra

A few weeks ago with my partner we made a brief “retreat” to Isla Negra, a town on the central coast of Chile known for its relationship with the poet Pablo Neruda. Besides from disconnecting a little from the routine, one of my purposes was to take advantage of discovering the synthesizer I had recently acquired, the Bass Station 2 from Novation. My first analog synth, which because lack of time I had not been able to explore. These two tracks are the result of those explorations, one per night. (The improvisation of the third and last night took an unexpected course and I kept it as an idea for a future topic).

I invite you to listen to these improvisations, inspired by the sea and the sand of Isla Negra. While listening, you can look at the photos of the place, which we took during those days.

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