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How to support your musician friends

I believe everyone has at least one friend / family member musician or artist. In the case of musicians, we see them striving all the time to improve and promote their art, paying every week for a rehearsal space, buying strings / cables / sticks / reeds, paying for classes; paying for recording studio time; taking time away from family or rest to rehearse, and to find where to play; and finally, promote their gigs in all their networks.

And even if we wanted to, we can not always support them. Maybe due to time or tiredness we can not go to all their gigs (in Santiago at least, typical that they start not before 10-11pm on a weekday). We may not have money to buy the CD or have no place to play it. But there are many, many ways to support them, and many without money.

Tip number 1 if you want to support your musician friends: SHARE their content (music, videos, photos) in your networks, virtual and real.

This post is inspired by the image in the header, created by the artist Isadora Zeferino. Certainly several things seem obvious and they are, but many times we ignore them. This list is obviously incomplete, if you think of something else, please comment!


Though liking and commenting on your friend’s posts in social networks is good, the following is more important and more useful:


Can you think of more ideas? I’d love to read them in the comments!

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