Production Music

Music created for production, stock and royalty free music libraries.


Emotional Piano Solo

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A strong yet emotive piece in piano solo, with a beautiful and romantic melody that is contrasted by a heartfelt middle section, coming back to the melody and finally to a clear but sensitive ending. Provides a positive and reflective mood to your production. Suggested uses: couples engagements, wedding videos, retrospective or nostalgic presentations, and any romantic production.


Funny Children Tune

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A simple and fun tune for children related content. A catchy melody full of curiosity, that is played in turns by Piano, Metalophone, Clarinet and Guitars, like kids playing and taking their turns. Also features claps. Suggested uses: educational videos for kids, commercials, and any children-related content.


Funny Whistling And Claps For Children

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A fun and carefree tune featuring happy whistling, cheerful acoustic guitar solo, upbeat hand claps and delicate bells. Perfect for children related projects as commercials, educational videos, pets videos, baby videos, cooking and recipes videos, and more.


Uplifting and Positive Corporate

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An energetic, powerful and inspiring track featuring a motivated piano, determined strings and uplifting electric guitar riffs. Perfect for inspirational and motivational corporate videos, business presentations, hightecch commercials, promos and more, this modern and passionate tune speaks about success, achievement, growing and will.


Free production music

You can use this tracks in your audiovisual production without cost; I only ask you to share this page in your social profiles after downloading and giving credit where due. I hope the are useful!



A moving and gentle piece, featuring piano, bells and beautiful cellos.


Inspiring Piano and Strings


An inspiring and motivational piece featuring piano and strings. The melody grows from piano to strings, in a climbing movement that suggests growth, effort and success. Perfect for projects that need to reflect those qualities, like corporate and promotional videos, sport notes, bios, etc. Also for projects about nature denoting vastness, contemplation, fascination.