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Currently I play keyboard in the backing band of Ponchoik, solo project of Poncho Pizarro, former lead vocal and composer of Santa Feria and Azucar Milagro; and until mid-2018, I was part of Johnny Olas, ska rock band with whom I recorded 9 themes and a video.

My “alma mater” band and the one I was the longest was Escaso Aporte, of which I was one of its founders; the band was an important part of the ska and mestizo scene from the late ’90s and early ‘2000, along with other bands as Santo Barrio, Sandino Rockers and others. The band was active for 17 years, of which I was 13 (in 3 and 10 years blocks). I was part of the process that led to the first album (I left the band before recording started), and there are a couple of my songs on that record; when I came back, years later, we recorded 2 more albums, a single and several videoclips, before disbanding in 2014.

Mi banda “alma mater” y en la que más tiempo estuve fue Escaso Aporte, de la que fui uno de sus fundadores; fue parte importante de la escena ska y mestiza de finales de los 90 y principios de los 2000 junto a otros grupos como Santo Barrio, Sandino Rockers y otros. La banda estuvo activa 17 años, de los cuales estuve 13, en bloques de 3 y 10 años. Participé en el proceso que llevó al primer disco (me salí antes de grabar) en el cual hay un par de canciones mías; cuando volví, grabamos otros 2 discos, 1 single y varios videoclips. You can listen and watch to Escaso Aporte here.



Besides music, one of my interests is audiovisual content. Some videos I have been commissioned with editing:

Musicians collective

In 2017, with

In 2017, with fellow musicians we formed the collective Caravana Sonora, which seeks to promote the sustainability of our profession through organization, solidarity and self-management. We have made several presentations about management and music production; we participated in the Pulsar 2017 fair with its our own stand, and were at the Woodstaco 2018 festival where were represented by Johnny Olas.

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