I studied keyboard and composition (though I didn’t finish). I move between several styles and genres: regga, ska, folklore; orchestral, epic, electronic and ambient. I have played keyboards for several bands (Escaso Aporte, Johnny Olas, Ponchoik). Since 2017 I’ve been composing stock music, and in 2020 I released my first album, “Eclipse”, an electronic ambient record. Also I made the music for a documentary, which I published on the album “Volver a las Raíces” (2022).

Music and Audio Services:

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Music for media

Volver a las Raíces (2022, banda sonora)

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Stock Music

If you want to license a track, contact me with the name of the track You can also find me in Audiojungle, Pond5 and Motion Elements.


Alvaro Medina García

Eclipse (2020)

BandCamp  Spotify  Apple Music   Youtube

With Escaso Aporte

Vida de Calle (2012) – keyboard, samples
La Casa de la Muerte (2008, single) – keyboard
Balas & Llamas (2006) – keyboard, samples, chorus

I also created the music for 3 songs in Escaso Aporte’s first album “EA!” (2002): “Sarcástico“, “Por Nuestros Días” and “Amor Viajero“.

With Johnny Olas

Vigilados (2018, single) – keyboard, chorus
La Contradicción (2016, EP) – keyboard

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