Eclipse (EP, 2020)

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“Eclipse” is the first solo album of chilean musician Alvaro Medina García. This EP collects a selection of already published thems, plus an unreleased one (“Eclipse”). The themes have been created at different time periods.
“Amanecer (Sunrise)” and “Synthaxis” are from 2018 and 2016, respectively. They have both been played exclusively with the Roland Juno DI synthesizer (and processed with virtual plugins), unlike other tracks from this album that have been created with mostly virtual instruments. This “only synth” approach allows for a more organic and inmediate performance and production. 
“Before the Eclipse” is the oldest track in the album. It was created in 2006, in Reason’s “Subtractor” virtual synth. This plugin was my first approach to subtraction synthesis, and though virtual, it taught me the basics to handle a real synth (like Bass Station 2, used elsewhere in this EP).
“Insomnia”, from 2017, is the byproduct of a sleepless night, as the name suggest. A very hot summer night, noisy neighbors partying a Wednesday at 3AM; I had no other choice than get up and make some music. “Insomnia” it that track, born out of frustration and sleep deprivation.
“Eclipse” is the newest theme, created in october 2020. The Bass Station 2 synth was used for basses and Korg Krome for pads, besides the free VSTs Oding and Expressive Tron. Is a somewhat melancholic tune, with a certain temporal theme insinuated in its cyclical structure.
“Exósfera” (Exosphere) was created originally as a track to appease my anxiety. After months of tension, I needed music to concentrate and relax. This track was the first of what I intended to be a larger series of tracks, which has not happened yet. When I decided to publish it on its own, its sonority suggested a trip through the atmosphere, from the ground to the space; therefore its name.
ART. Mariel, my life partner, had made some drawings on paper that she later digitized. Working on this album, I asked her if I could use some of those drawings. There was one that somewhat complemented perfectly the sound and intention of this album. It was a Moon and Sun kissing, embracing. It is an eclipse, but of the Sun, or Moon?
It was also this illustration that defined the name for the album, complementing to the already existing names and concepts from “Sunrise”, “Before the Eclipse” and “Exosphere”.
To my partner Mariel for always being there, listening, advicing, supporting. To my parents Elvira and Andres and my sister Laura. To Micchela and Poncho, and to Pato for the patience.
Composed, performed and produced by Alvaro Medina Garcia
Art: Mariel Edith Sanchez
Cover design: Micchela Messone

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