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Improvisations at Isla Negra

September 6, 2019

A few weeks ago with my partner we made a brief “retreat” to Isla Negra, a town on the central coast of Chile known for its relationship with the poet Pablo Neruda. Besides from disconnecting a little from the routine, one of my purposes was to take advantage of discovering the synthesizer I had recently […] seguir leyendo

Music for the documentary “Volver a las Raices”

August 20, 2019

Some months ago I had the privilege to create the music for the documentary “¿Hacia donde vamos? Alimentación saludable en un mundo globalizado” (“Where do we go? Healthy eating in a globalized world”) by Volver a las Raíces. This wonderful documentary tells about myths and truths on healthy eating, “superfoods”, and invites to rescue traditional meals from […] seguir leyendo

How to support your musician friends

September 20, 2018

I believe everyone has at least one friend / family member musician or artist. In the case of musicians, we see them striving all the time to improve and promote their art, paying every week for a rehearsal space, buying strings / cables / sticks / reeds, paying for classes; paying for recording studio time; […] seguir leyendo

The importance of the technical rider

September 16, 2018

Beyond brown M&Ms. seguir leyendo

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